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Tools to Help You Design and Develop Accessible Experiences

November 23, 2015

In this article I explore some tools that can help UX designers and graphic designers create accessible digital experiences from the very beginning of the product life cycle.

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A Web Accessibility Primer

June 29, 2015

With the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) coming into full effect by 2025, I’ve had a lot of questions from clients about its impact on web design and the consequences of not being compliant.

A big part of understanding a new subject is learning to speak the language, so I’ve compiled a guide of common terms to help you understand accessibility and AODA compliance from the vantage point of designing, coding, and producing content for your next digital project.

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Interaction Design

Five Guiding Principles for Common Design Challenges

August 20, 2015

As a UX practitioner, I consistently strive to design for a responsive, fluid, and accessible web. This means that content is optimized for every possible viewport and the design is usable by as many people as possible in as many contexts as possible.

Whether it’s a complex navigation system, a data table, or a web form, here are five guiding principles to ensure your designs will work on any device, at any time, for any user.

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